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Super spies save the guiding light! (Wide Game)

on January 26, 2014

A wide game from a few years ago which uses a secret agent theme as a basis for teaching some Guiding traditions. The wide game took a little over an hour for the girls to complete.  The ‘dossiers’ were manila folders with ‘top secret’ printed across the front.


Leader reads out the following to the whole group:

We have just had notice that the Guiding Light is under attack. Crack patrols of secret agent super spies have been assembled to help save Guides. Your mission is to discover the key item that will save the Guiding Light and Girl Guides from disintegration. Firstly, in order to ensure your identities are not discovered, you will need to prepare a disguise of glasses and a moustache. While doing that, you will need to determine who in your patrol made her promise most recently. When all members of the patrol are properly disguised, the girl who made her promise most recently will need to come and collect your top secret dossier of instructions.

All girls:

  • Make glasses from pipe cleaners
  • Draw on moustaches with black eyeliner

Leader to read to patrol reps:

This dossier contains all the information you will need to complete your mission. The information contained in the envelopes is numbered, and should be opened in order as each part of the mission is completed. Some additional information will be available at particular points during the mission. Each patrol’s mission contains the same elements, but in a different order. Do not copy what other patrols are doing, or you will miss vital information. You will need to collect evidence along the way. A small plastic bag is included in your dossier. Use this to store your evidence. Each patrol will need to commence by decoding the information contained in envelope one. This will tell you where you need to start your mission.

Dossier contains:

  • Envelope one – code indicating start point
  • Trail information
  • Envelope – trail instructions – follow trail, collect item at end.
  • Envelope – scout’s pace instructions – relay info, collect items.
  • Envelope – Semaphore construction information – how to, where equipment is available.
  • Envelope – semaphore code word
  • Envelope – semaphore decode information
  • Word search
  • Plastic zip-loc bag
  • Note paper and pen.

Trail info (in envelope)

Using the information sheet provided in your dossier, follow the trail. At the end of the trail you will find a small item for inclusion in your evidence bag.

  • Small item (bright beads?) to be located at end of trail (on top of ‘gone home’ symbol)

Scout’s pace info (in envelope)

Scout’s pace is used so that you can travel a long way without getting exhausted. You run or jog 20 paces, then walk 20 paces. Spies and secret agents often need to travel long distances to carry a message. The whole patrol will need to practice their Scout’s pace before you can move on. What you need to do: One at a time, do Scout’s pace from the starting point (marked with a small flag) to the big tree and back. At the tree, you will find a small item for inclusion in your evidence bag. The next person cannot begin until the first has returned with their evidence.

  •  Starting point to be marked with small flag (old scarf) tied to fence.
  • Small items (coloured feathers?) to be located at base of the Tree.
  • Adult to supervise.

Semaphore info (in envelope)

Semaphore is a form of communicating messages. Flags are displayed in particular shapes to indicate letters. The diagram below shows the different shapes for each letter. What you need to do: Working as a patrol, construct two semaphore flags. An example is provided for you to copy.

When you have constructed the flags: Divide your patrol into two groups – A and B. Group A will take the information sheet and gather at one end of the hall. They will use this information to decode the message that Group B will send. Group B will take the envelope marked ‘semaphore code’ and use the semaphore flags to send the message shown inside to Group A. Group A will write down the secret message. When Group A thinks they have the message correct, they will show it to a leader . If correct, they will receive their next clue.

  •  Equipment – sticks, yellow paper, red paper, glue, string, scissors, example semaphore flags.

Kim’s game (dossier)

Kim’s game is designed to test your memory. Spies and secret agents need to have sharp observation skills. What you need to do: As a patrol, identify each of the items, and write them down. You cannot proceed until all items have been correctly identified.

  •  Equipment – tray, tea towel, items for identification (x10)

Word search (envelope)

Spies and Secret agents often need to be able to find hidden information. Contained within the word search are 24 words associated with Girl Guides. What you need to do: As a patrol, find each of the 24 listed words. Words run horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Words do not run backwards. You cannot proceed until all words have been identified. (words should all have something to do with guiding traditions)

  • Equipment – word search contained in dossier, pens.

Hunt to save the Guiding Light (in envelope)

Hidden in [location] is a small item closely associated with Guides, and the promise each Guide makes. To save the Guiding Light, you must find this item, and bring it to the Leaders. Finding this item will save the Guiding Light, and finish the wide game.

  •  Equipment – promise badges – one for each patrol

5 responses to “Super spies save the guiding light! (Wide Game)

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  3. Wallheath guider says:

    Hi, this is brilliant. I’ve added some bases for mission location (flag recognition /capital cities), package delivery (rocket balloon), data gathering (g-file quiz). And we are doing it indoors on a Guide night this Monday.

  4. guideylaurie says:

    Glad it was useful! Rocket balloons sound like a fantastic addition 🙂

  5. Bubbes says:

    May or may not be using super spy skills to steal MsLauries programs… Now going to sneakily hack (a.k.a. ask very nicely) to see if she has kept her word search saved on her computer somewhere

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