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Getting prepared for the Secret Island!

Very exciting developments, our camp with Sister Unit and Rangers Unit is starting to come together! And unlike previous years where we’ve really struggled to get numbers interested, this year we’re nearly full! And its still five weeks away!

We’ve got 15 signed up from our unit, 7 from Sister Unit, and 3 from Rangers Unit, which is just fantastic. Each of the three units is reasonably small, so as a proportion of total girls possible, we’re doing amazingly.

To give you a sense of how big a change this is, our first joint camp two years ago included 5 girls from Sister Unit, 2 from my unit, and 1 from another neighbouring unit. Our camp last year was barely any better – 2 from Sister Unit, 6 from my unit, and the balance (around 12) made up by a unit from out of District.

So you can see why I’m psyched at the response rate!

Also hugely positive – I’ve started putting together the wide game, and after a slow start, its finally coming together. The central ‘theme’ is a runaway princess, who got scared by all the noise and lights of the place being invaded by a bunch of Guides! Tasks will include building a rope bridge over a ‘river’, decoding a message, using a compass (very briefly), a little bit of knotting, some crafty activities, following a trail, and of course, most importantly, cooking lunch over a fire.

All in all, its shaping up to be a great camp! Fingers crossed it stays that way!


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