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Around the world in 80 minutes!

This evening we took the girls on a trans-continental journey! Had the girls moving through a round robin series of activities based on the various continents, as part of the ‘world’ badge.

Activities were:

Antarctica – a penguin walk race – reasonably successful, but would have been better if I’d been organised and included some obstacle course elements or something else with a bit of a twist!

Europe – making an Eiffel Tower out of plastic straws – varying degrees of successful, interestingly, the patrol which was being least cooperative managed to win this one! Creativity through conflict, perhaps!

Asia – using chopsticks to transfer cooked rice between bowls – this was a good one, and gave several kids the opportunity to learn how to use chopsticks! It might be something fun to take the little ones out for dinner one night and make them learn chopsticks for real, as they seemed to get a real kick out of it!

South America – constructing large, brightly coloured paper ponchos – I was surprised how well this one worked, I thought this might be where they would get bored, but nope, struggled to get them to move onto the next activity!

Africa – drumming – found a series of drumming patterns online, and got them to practice using upturned buckets as drums. Honestly, those $1 buckets have been the BEST investment!

North America – mini hamburgers – had the girls use a cookie cutter to cut out a mini bun from a larger hamburger bun, then roll a small amount of meat/breadcrumbs/herbs mixture into a patty and fry it off, use a quarter of a piece of ‘sandwich’ cheese, and a drop or two of tomato sauce, and wha-lah! Tiny hamburger! A very popular activity, and they all ended up with an edible little morsel, only about 4 or 5 bites worth! A nice way to get some cooking into the program while only needing 10 minutes per patrol.

Overall, it was a surprisingly good night – I thought I might have tried to fit too much into the evening, but we actually had enough time to get the girls to do the tidying up themselves, and I only had to yell a tiny bit to get them to focus!!

Sunday arvo sees me helping out at a gadget practice afternoon (YIKES, gadgets are NOT my strongpoint, hopefully I’m only there to child wrangle!), and then next week we’re having “green night”, which will be a mix of nature-y and recycling-ish type activities.


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