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Tonight’s (somewhat random) theme was “chicken and egg”.

The main activities were using straws to make a support/cage thingie around a raw egg, and dropping it from various heights, an egg-and-spoon race, and then making little chicken straw things… eh, that one is hard to explain!

Anyway, for a reasonably small program, it seemed to take a while to move through the various elements! But that doesn’t much matter, they seemed to be having fun, particularly the little ones – our fabulously enthusiastic 7-year-old was SO EXCITED and kept dancing around going THIS IS THE BEST THING – I think she really loves experiment type activities, so was pretty much in her element with about 30 minutes of the hour and a half dedicated to the egg protecting activity.

The egg-and-spoon race also worked really well – the original plan was hard boiled eggs, in the hall… but instead we went with raw eggs, out on the lawn, which had a much more entertaining mess and danger element!

In some good news, one of the girls we haven’t seen much of this term (to the point I was going to email her mum today to see if we were to expect her back) turned up – and not only managed to fit in with her patrol and have a good time, she also signed up for the sleepover! Woohoo!

Speaking of the sleepover – we have 16 girls signed up, including all four of this term’s newbies! More woohoo!

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