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Save the Circus Wide Game

on May 14, 2018

This wide game was part of a circus themed camp, and took around four hours to complete. 


Oh no! The circus is going broke, and the ringmaster wants to cancel the show! But if the show is cancelled, the circus camp can’t go on! Can you save the show?


First, you’ll need to get dressed for the show!

You’ll each need to:
• Paint your face like a clown
• Make some big shoes
• Make some curly hair
• Make a clown nose!

Equipment: Face paint, ping pong balls, elastic, scissors , foam sheets, wool, hair bobbles, curling ribbon,


When the show got cancelled, the ringmaster set free all the animals from the circus! They’ve escaped all over the campsite!
You’ll have to find:
• 1 Elephant
• 1 Lion
• 1 Tiger
• 2 Bears
• 3 Seals
• 3 Monkeys

Luckily, the animals left trails right around the campsite. You’d better follow the trails to find them! But be careful! There are lots of obstacles in your way!

Once you’ve found all the escaped animals, you’d better take them home to base!

There are also 3 extra-special animals hidden (3 in total, not 3 per patrol)… can you find them?

Equipment: pictures of animals, cut out and placed along an obstacle course.



Wow! You must be exhausted after finding all those animals! Better have a rest and have some lunch before you tackle setting up the show again!

You could modify this to include a specific circus-themed lunch – maybe hot dogs and popcorn? 


Better get back to it if you want the show to go on!

Most circuses have sideshows, to keep people busy before the main show. So that the show can be successful, you’d better put together some sideshow games!

You’ll need to make:
• A bowling game
• A fishing game
• A catching game

Get the other patrol to test your games out!
Equipment: (put in a big pile for all to rummage): Drink bottles/cups; small plastic balls; sticks (eg paddle pop sticks or skewers); string; paperclips; paper; large balls, Frisbees… or anything else.


Oh no! Since the circus has lost money, its run out of funds for buying colours for the costumes!

Work with your patrol to find the best representatives in nature of:

The leaders will judge which patrol got the closest!



Now the most important part – putting on the show.

You have 30 minutes to plan and practice an act for the circus!

You can use any of the items from the sideshows, and your act can include acrobatics, clowning around… whatever you want!


Before you put on the show, work with the other patrol to decorate the hut for the circus show. (steamers, balloons etc)


If the show is going to get going again, there needs to be a sign!

Create a sign for the circus promoting your patrol!
Design & decorate sign (Large poster paper, textas, scissors et)


Put on the show to save the circus!



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