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Quick changes

Interesting developments over the last 48 hours… out of nowhere I seem to have an extra leader for Guides and a different extra leader for Rangers!

Both I’ve met before,  are super excellent and lovely, and excited about joining! They’re both even wanting to come along to planning activities!!

I don’t quite know how this has happened, but I think I need to find a deity or two to thank in a hurry!

*Does happy dance*


Bizarro guiding!

Same uniform, same co-leader, same time… different place, and different kids! It was bizarro guides!

Tonight co-leader and I helped out at sister unit, while their leader is away interstate.

It was a well organised evening of science-y stuff, starting with a game based around herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, which went well. Would be fun with a big group and lots of running around room!

We split the girls broadly in junior/senior groupings for a couple of science-y activities (although given numbers, popped a couple of the more sensible 9 year olds in with the older girls) – the little ones did invisible ink writing (which morphed into ‘how to light a match’ rather quickly!), and made colourful bubbles, while the seniors did a series of stuff-in-bottles-which creates gas activities – turns out you get a similar result from water/sugar/yeast as you do from water/vinegar/bicarb soda… perhaps not in baking, but definitely in terms of blowing up balloons!

There was also a short session where one of the older girls spoke to the girls about what they liked about guides, and how they’d found out about it (part of a consultation GGV has been doing with guides aged 11-14).

Overall, it was a pretty easy night, and the girls seemed to have fun! It was also lovely to see a reasonable size group at sister unit – they struggled to be viable for ages, and while they’re still pretty small, its no longer the case that if a girl is away for the week that you struggle to have enough to run the games, which is just fabulous.

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