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Feet olympics

This evening we held a Feet Olympics.

It was a funny sort of night – it never *quite* jelled, for some reason. We had a few girls away – with Anzac day tomorrow, probably we’d have quite a few families taking off Friday as well and having an extra-long weekend.

Dissapointingly, we didn’t have ANY visitors after all our spruiking on the weekend 😦 I thought for sure we’d have a few… but perhaps we’ll have some contacts in the next few weeks. Thinking back to last year, we did end up getting a few girls come and try a couple of weeks on from the festival, so fingers crossed a few emerge!

The activities tonight were all reasonably successful, but as I said, it never quite jelled. Somehow the energy in the room just wasn’t quite there…

Anyway, activities were:

  • three-way soccer (pretty fun… turns out they’re all a bit brutal playing soccer!!)
  • heel-to-toe race (steps have to match up – no gaps between heels and toes – very tricky!)
  • starfish race (back-to-back pairs, holding hands, feet sliding along)
  • three-legged race (an old classic)
  • race to put items in and out of buckets using only their feet (they were pretty good!)
  • hula-hooping with their feet/legs (a couple of talented hulahoopers!)
  • limbo (I think they need a bit more practice!!)

Ah well, it wasn’t too bad. The winning team were all awarded teeny little plastic trophies, which they were surprisingly thrilled about! Two dollar shop tatt for the win!

Next week: Be Prepared wide game for the Seniors, savoury cooking for the Juniors!

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