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The Big Box Patrol Challenge!

New Patrols, new patrol names, new PLs and Seconds… what better way to make it mesh than giving them a bunch of cardboard boxes and saying “go for it”?!

To be fair, there was slightly more structure than that… kids all brought some cardboard boxes from home… and co-leader and I bought a couple of extras (woohoo, finally got rid of some moving boxes!) – so they had about 40 minutes to work together using only the boxes, scissors, and a roll of packing tape to make WHATEVER. We gave examples of creating a game, an obstacle course, making a doll house, a cubby, a robot, doing a play… anything they liked! The only catches were:
* They had to work as a patrol – all members of the patrol had to agree with what they were doing, no one was allowed to feel left out!
* They had to ‘present’ their work to the unit at the end of the 40 minutes – explain what they’d made and show it off.
* While they were building, they had to consider patrol emblems and agree (as a whole group!) on their preferences for new patrol names.

All in all – quite a success! Our new patrols seem to be working well (although we had a couple of girls away, so I guess we’ll see if the dynamic changes when everyone is there), we have agreed new patrol names (Blue Wren; Brumby; Kingfisher, Possum), and a cheap, interesting, good-for-the-earth (and the bank balance!) activity which let them use their creativity and really work in groups with limited adult “management” – true patrol time!

In other good news – two of our Ranger girls are going to try being Guide Helpers! We might have some assistants coming up!

Sunday takes us out for an adventure in the city – we’ve got 13 from my unit/s, 2 Rangers, and 2 to 4 from sister unit – will be quite a crowd!

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