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Halloweening around!


Five minutes past our usual start time, and there were NO children. Yikes.

We’d known from gossip with the kids last week that quite a few were planning on trick-or-treating instead of coming to Guides, but this was drastic!

Luckily, we thought to check the front door, and it was in fact locked… even so, our grand total turn up for the evening – including four friends and two girls back for their second try – was eleven!

I know many units run on those sorts of numbers usually (indeed, when I first joined the group 3 or so years ago, that was their standard number), but after being used to over twenty, the hall seemed VERY empty!!

Anyway! The games!

First up, we tried a version of ‘capture the flag’ that I’d come up with during the week, named “Vampire Infection” to fit the theme. One or two girls were designated the ‘original’ vampires (we played a few rounds, trying out the options) – the vampires’ goals were two fold – to turn the other players into vampires (through touching them with their ‘teeth’ – two fingers pointed to form fangs), and to defend the stash of the ‘antidote’. The goals of the ‘humans’ was to successfully reach the antidote (a bowl of old easter eggs, which disturbingly were still fine).

Anyway, they all had a marvellous time, running all over the church grounds and through the hall area. They gradually began to develop some strategies and be a bit clever about hiding and working in groups, and I think it will be one to try again with a larger group, and probably with bigger boundaries too.

Next up we decorated cupcakes (marvellous co-leader had baked mini cupcakes the night before!), getting the girls to all mix up their own buttercream icing, and then dye it various colours to decorate their cupcakes with. We also had various licorice shapes, m&ms, and sprinkles. The cupcakes ended up a brilliant mix of monsters, eyeballs, cats, spiders… the kids were so creative!

Finally to round out the night we had three short halloween variations on our usual games – skeleton beetle (roll the dice to be allowed to collect the pieces which you then have to put in order); mummy races (wrapping up kids in toilet paper and then racing), and zombie tiggy – the kids who are ‘it’ have to limp, put their arms out, and moan and say BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS. Funny stuff to watch!

Overall, no idea if we’ll get any of the newbies coming along again, but they seemed to have fun, so I guess we’ll see. Regardless, the two girls who were on a return visit will be taking forms next week (YAY), and we’ll also be getting a possible transfer come to visit – apparently her current unit has an upper age limit which she’s about to hit, and she’s friends with one of our girls, so maybe…

My goal of 30 by the end of the year still looks a touch ambitious, but if we can get over 25 consistently, I’ll be reasonably pleased given the dips in numbers we had at the start of the year!

Next week: KITES!

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