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Codetastic Wide Game

on May 14, 2018

This Wide Game was created as part of working towards the Numbers Create-A-Challenge badge. It could also be used for a Time theme, or anything similar. This wide game took around 3 hours to complete. 

Basic story
Clara Codex, a time traveller, is trapped in another dimension. She needs certain pieces to put her time machine back together and get back her home.

Read out: 

Today, we were due to meet the mysterious and very clever Ms Clara Codex. When we arrived however, there had clearly been a change of plans. Ms Codex has instead left us a rather strange note.

The note looks very old, and says:

Dear Guide Leaders
I’m very sorry, but I cannot meet with you today.
Something has come up.
It is rather difficult to explain.
While I am away for a while, I hope your Guides might be able to assist me in pulling together the last few bits and pieces I need?
I hope you can help.
Yours sincerely, Clara Codex.

We are quite worried about Ms Codex’s note – it is not like her to not show up for an appointment. She is usually very punctual, and really quite obsessed with time.

When we looked closer, it appears Ms Codex has also left a separate note for each patrol! But it seems to be in code?

Perhaps each patrol could work together to crack their codes and see if they understand what Ms Codex needs us to do?

Seniors version (This was written entirely in windings font, with no de-coding information. The girls were told to start with the one-letter words, and figure out if they were “a” or “I”, and then start looking for other logical next letters. It was pointed out that only a few words have double letters, and that E is usually the most common letter).

Dear Guides
Please don’t tell your leaders, (they will only worry!), but I’m trapped in another dimension.
You see, I’m a time traveller.
I really need you all to find the last few bits of my time machine so I can get back to my home.
It’s all very top secret, so when I was making the time machine, I hid copies of different parts all around the place. You’ll probably have quite some trouble finding everything, but I really do need it all.
There are ten pieces to find.
Good luck, and please do hurry.
It’s rather cold here in the other dimension.
Yours sincerely, Clara Codex.


Juniors version (this was also in windings, but had a straight substitution code written at the top to allow for quick de-coding):

Dear Guides
I’m a time traveller, and my time machine is broken.
Could you please help me find the missing parts so I can get back home?
Careful, it is all top secret!
There are challenges to find everything, and ten pieces to find.
Good luck!
Yours sincerely, Clara Codex.


All patrols were given a map of the game area. The instructions on back of map said that challenges can be completed in any order.

At the completion of each activity, they were able to find or earn a piece of puzzle, which when put together would give them hints to the final task.


1 –
Set up a single long rope with knots connecting two far points
[14 KNOTS]

All patrol members should be blindfolded and follow the rope. You need to each count the number of knots in the rope.

All patrol members should get the same number of knots… keep trying until you all agree on how many knots there are in the rope.

The number of knots is the clue to the code.

2 –
Roman numeral tags in patrol colours

Collect ten tags in your patrol colours. Tags are hidden across the grounds.

Put the tags in the correct order and show them to a leader to get a piece.

3 –

Set and light a fire, which you will use to cook your afternoon tea.

Remember fire safety, including having a bucket of water nearby, your hair tied back, and clear the area properly. Have a leader check before attempting to light the fire.

Get the fire started with less than 5 matches (Seniors) or 10 matches (Juniors).

4 –
Cooking over the fire – apple crisps

Follow the recipe to make your afternoon tea. Each person will need to make their own serve.

All ingredients can be ordered from the kitchen.

5 –

As a patrol, build a shelter using exactly 15 pieces of equipment.

It must be solid enough to stay up by itself, and large enough to fit at least half of your patrol inside of it.

Have your shelter assessed by a leader to get your piece.

6 –
Compass activity

Starting at the front gate, walk South.

When you reach as far as you can go within bounds, turn West.

Go as far West as you can before you run into a building.

Turn North until you get to a boundary.

Hunt for your piece!

7 –

Work as a patrol to put the puzzle together.

There is no picture available, so pay close attention to the shapes of the pieces!

When you have completed the puzzle, show a leader to get your next piece.

(Note, this was just a basic puzzle, different to the one they were collecting the pieces for)

8 –

Play a series of games of Nim – each person in your patrol must play at least once.

The winner of the game goes on to challenge the next.

Throw a dice to figure who plays the first set – the first two people to roll a 6 are the first two players.

The winner plays the next patrol member who can roll a six, and so on.

The overall Nim winner needs to collect their piece a leader.

9 –

Use the Melways (street directory) to find our current location.

The page number______________

The map reference______________

Show the leaders the correct references to collect your piece.

10 –

Close stepping

Starting from the front door, follow the path right around the hall.

Walk so that the heel of one foot touches the toes of the other foot, so there are no gaps between your steps.

Count how many steps each patrol member takes, and tell the leaders your highest and lowest number of steps to get your piece.


Combination lock

The puzzle when put together showed a series of numbers which was the code for a combination lock.  



Finishing off the game

Once you have completed all the activities, and found the lock information, you need to find Clara and free her!

Clara was a small doll, hidden in a contained wrapped with chains, and secured with a combination lock. 



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