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First aid fabulous

Fun night this week, as the Seniors group did first aid with much laughter, happy yelling, and general chaos… and hopefully a bit of learning!

One of our oldest Guides, when reminded that the program had us doing first aid said “ohhhhhh… is it going to be boring?”, so of course I looked her straight in the eye and said “Yes. Yes, it’s as boring and terrible a program as ever we’ve done, you’re going to go home tonight saying Guides is THE MOST BORING”. Luckily most of them laughed, so we got off on the right foot 😉

We started with a bit of a run through basic first aid procedures, talking through what they already knew, and helping them to think through the basic logic of what first aid is trying to achieve (i.e. treat minor things, stabilise major things to enable the patient to reach help), and go over the criteria of skills they needed to learn as part of their badge work.

The girls moved through a series of ‘stations’, learning different uses for triangular bandages (a simple sling, and a ‘donut’ to support a foreign body that has pierced a hand), bandaging techniques for various wounds, splinting for snakebite, and learning how to move a patient into recovery position. It was one of those nights where the blogging about it sounds utterly tedious, but the actual experience was great fun, and there was a brilliant happy vibe for the whole night 🙂

Meanwhile, the Junior Guides had a “mini meal” evening, where they each made a teeny-tiny three course meal over tealights, cooking soup (using cup-of-soup mixes) in tin foil tart cases, followed by tiny skewers of cheese and veggies to ‘grill’ for main, and finally toasting marshmallows to put between mini guide biscuits for little s’mores. They were all super excited about it and had a lovely time, and it was so cute to hear one of the girls gleefully reporting to her mum at the end “we made mini soup!”.

So a great night with a great vibe with all the kids, and all the leaders. Loved it 🙂


All camped out!

Returned from camp this evening exhausted, aching, headachey, grumpy. Thankfully though, it was nothing a long hot shower, a bit of rest, and some pizza and wine couldn’t fix!

Our camp seemed to be pretty successful, with (reasonably) limited tears, lots of laughs, the girls making lots of new friends, and generally getting into the activities with enthusiasm and good grace!

Still, now is not the time for a full deconstruction – that can wait for tomorrow when I’ve had plenty of rest and recuperation.

For now, all I’ll say is – thank goodness for lots of leaders (many of whom put in far more hours than me!), and yay for girls learning to adapt and cope! And for a tiny taste of freedom- apparently the highlight for them all was getting lost during the wide game!

Details tomorrow when I’ve had enough sleep to think straight and type properly!

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