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Musing and moaning (just a little)

on October 4, 2016

So, I’ve barely blogged this year. And having barely blogged, I’m out of practice, and feeling guilty that I’m out of practice, and it just becomes a big shame spiral.

The thing is, this year I’ve felt a little funny about blogging my adventures. With my awesome co-leaders taking on more of the load, I don’t feel as able to tell the tales of “my” unit, as it seems a bit weird to talk about the marvellous ideas they’ve come up with, even though I know from comments etc that people enjoy hearing about my team’s ideas as much (or if perfectly honest, more!) than they do about mine. But still, it feels like I’m stepping on toes somehow.

And more generally, I think I’ve lost a bit of my guiding mojo these last few months. Not so much in my enjoyment of the girls and the activities, but somehow my confidence that I’m putting together a program worth sharing, or ideas worth telling about. Our units are doing great – heaps of kids, growing at almost every age group (we’ve even had now 3 new-to-guiding teenagers join us, which is some sort of miracle), and a great team of leaders who are all gelling.

And yet… somehow my confidence is down. I think it started when a couple of big ideas and offers to do specific things for “higher ups” went unanswered… it makes you start to shrink in on yourself a touch, and wonder if possibly previous ideas that had been favourably received were done so more out of politeness…

So, my aim this term is to return to blogging properly – perhaps writing down the great things we’re doing – me and the whole crew – will reassure me that we’re broadly on the right track. Or, of course, it may convince me that it’s time to move on – either from the blogging or the guiding or possibly both. We shall see.

To those of you who’ve been reading and following – stick around despite the whining of this post – I’ve got about four wide games to publish in the next few weeks!



6 responses to “Musing and moaning (just a little)

  1. theguidelife says:

    As long as your Guides are happy, that’s all that matters. My blog is a straightforward telling of everything we as a team and me as an individual have done. I’ve found it really good for my mental health as I can write about anything that has annoyed or upset me. And I can celebrate our wins as well 🙂

  2. Yay for wide games. My favourite!

  3. Clare says:

    Ha, tell me about the shame spiral of not blogging! For me, it’s partly just that I’ve got out of the habit, partly because the shiny novelty of my new unit and being the one in charge has worn off a bit. It’s good, it’s fun, it’s running smoothly, just I’m not feeling the urge to record it as much as before.

    I’m still enjoying reading what others are up to, so don’t think that there’s no point in blogging. Supporting leaders and meetings, and keeping a record of them, are just as important as coming up with the ideas!

    Guiding is quite a wheel of fortune, isn’t it? As in, some parts can be going great and others not so well, and then it all turns around. Hang on in there 🙂

  4. guideylaurie says:

    You’re right, that the kids are happy is the most important part… and I think they mostly are! 🙂

  5. guideylaurie says:

    Maybe that’s it – we’re in a consolidation phase, rather than a “new” phase. And ugh, shame spirals hey?!

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