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Guiding again

on July 17, 2016

Cruisey first night back for term 3 – Juniors playing a bunch of games with a ‘nature’ theme (variations on classics fruit salad, tiggy, rob the nest, and kim’s game), Seniors getting started on their Lifeskills (Cooking) trefoil one, with a bunch of activities based around food safety, and the Rangers being overgrown tiny kids playing games in the dark.

It was an easy night for me, as our whole multi-leaders thing swung into action, and I wasn’t needed to run things – my main contribution to the evening being an idea that we could fun-up the food safety activities by having the girls make up short jingles about using up food scraps – which I got to be the judge of – they were hilarious/terrible, but the girls were all having a lot of fun, knowing that they were quite, quite bad! 🙂

This term, we’ve got the Juniors working on the Nature Create-A-Challenge (based off a bunch of suggestions from the girls which seemed to have a surprisingly strong plants and nature focus), and the Seniors doing the “proper cooking” Lifeskills (cooking) badge – we decided that they all keep asking for cooking, so lets do it properly!! They probably won’t want to see the inside of the kitchen after this term for quite a while!

We’ve done the Nature badge previously, but over a camp based around bugs and critters, so we’ll take quite a different approach this time – keeping it interesting for the adults as well as the girls!

Next week – butterfly craftiness for the littlies, stirfry cooking for the seniors.



2 responses to “Guiding again

  1. Funny how Guides love cooking. At camp it’s the most popular duty. How many interest badges do you have? would you mind telling me the requirements for the Cooks badge?

  2. guideylaurie says:

    I think there are about 70 or so different badges available? There are four different types – ‘Create’ which have very broad topics, ‘Explore’ which have specific requirements, but are not terribly difficult, ‘Discover’ which tend to be more personal challenge activities, with age-related criteria, and ‘Achieve’ badges, which are quite specific, and include things like camping, canoeing, etc. The Achieve ones have 3 different levels.

    The Lifeskills (cooking) badge requirements are reasonably lengthy, and include criteria on food safety, using certain appliances, baking, stir-fry cooking, cooking in a saucepan, and making a basic pasta dish. A few others I can’t remember at the moment!

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