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More stiches, more baking… and some decidedly unsuccessful campfire cooking

on September 19, 2015

Following on from our lovely night of sewing and baking for the little ones, we did it all again, swapping the girls over, so they each did both activity.

This second time around was both more and less successful than the first. In the sewing side of things, we had an easier run second time as the parent helpers and I knew what we were doing, but that did mean that rather than the activity perfectly filling the time, we ran a little early and a few of the kids were getting a little bored. That said, I did have a lovely experience working quite one-on-one with one of the girls who I would have expected to struggle with the activity. She’s one of those kids who is always on the go, rarely pays attention to instructions, always chatting and mucking about… (one of the ones whose name you learn QUICKLY as you’re using it in a warning tone a lot!!)… so I would have thought sewing was not her cup of tea. And indeed, her initial response to the activity was “do I HAVE to?!” but she ended up loving it. Her doll ended up being one of the wonkiest ones produced, but it was very clearly one that she had made with only the most minimal of instruction, and she was pretty chuffed.

Meanwhile, the baking was a little more challenging than the week before – slightly more girls in the kitchen, and an interesting problem we hadn’t dealt with before – several girls too short to comfortably reach the benches! The one little step stool was in high demand, and meant things took longer than expected!

Maybe time to hunt down some extra step stools to add to our equipment stash!

For the older girls, they were doing outdoor cooking – which was meant to be a camp version of croque monsieur. It… didn’t go well. The leaders we had outside didn’t have much experience with outdoor cooking, the kids for whatever reason were a bit ratty, and all just didn’t quite go as expected. Still, the fires got built properly and quickly, and they are all definitely getting better at the whole fire concept, so that was good. And I guess the odd fail is okay!

We’ll just call it a learning experience, and decide that the activity was all about building resilience. Yep, that was it! Lalalalala… 🙂


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