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A little festival of light

on July 30, 2015

Lovely and lively evening at Guides this week, where despite not getting through all the planned activities, we had a great time with happy girls, a little bit of culture, and a little bit of learning!

Our theme for the evening was “International Year of Light”, and we decided to slant this towards a multi-cultural sort of thing, given our badges for the term are “girls” and “other people”. Our main activities for the night then was making krathongs (Juniors) and diyas (Seniors) as part of learning about Loi Krathong (Thai festival of light) and Diwali (Hindu festival of light). The two crafts went really well, and the girls were all very engaged. I was mainly working with the Seniors making diyas using air-drying clay, and while at first there was some “meh I do ceramics at school” sort of comments, once we started rubbing ghee into cotton strings to make wicks and then lighting them, suddenly they realised this was actually pretty great 🙂


Some of our diyas 

Meanwhile the krathongs were made not out of the traditional banana leaves, but by making origami water lilies!

We also had a brief whole group chat at the beginning of the night about how we use lights in celebration, and got the girls to add in examples- we had Hannukah, Christmas, fireworks, birthday candles, candles at promise ceremonies all come up as ways we use light. Sometimes the “group chat” thing works, sometimes not, but this time it really worked well and was a good example of valuing the views and knowledge of all the girls- good examples came from both 7 year olds and 12 year olds!

We had also planned a true/false game about what technologies use light, and skits to be based on Indigenous sun myths, but ran out of time!

I was so pleased to have a good, well balanced and fun night. For whatever reason I’ve felt a little off my game with guides in recent weeks, and I was beginning to wonder if it might be time to move on, but I think my thematically appropriate Guiding Light might just have re-lit 🙂


3 responses to “A little festival of light

  1. Glad to hear that the night went well and that you’re getting your groove back! I’ve been in that situation before and sometimes you do need to step back for a while.

    The divas look great. I’ll have to remember for when we eventually get around to doing the candles badge.

  2. guideylaurie says:

    Oooh yes, the diyas would be a great addition to the candles badge!

  3. […] – ones that when we first did the program didn’t seem particularly craft-y (e.g. the International Year of Light evening, and our Whatever night) ended up being […]

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