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Snap, Omelette, and Promise

on October 17, 2013

A fun night last night, with the girls running the first hour or so of activities as part of various JBP Awards (and a little bit of Gemstone badge syllabus).

They all did really well, and were all properly prepared, having thought about what they wanted to do or present. I’ve really noticed an increase in the quality and effort that the girls have been putting in over the last few months, I think having a couple of them starting to get close to completion is inspiring the others, as the JBP Award is starting to look achievable. Having specific nights on the program for JBP work also seems to be helping too.

As a marker of the girls’ progress – last night one girl was presented with her Bronze Endeavour (the second one for the year!), and another finished a final activity towards her Bronze… and, very (very!) exciting, SuperBadgeKeenGuide completed her final activity for her whole JBP Award! This is the first one in two years, so I am THRILLED! 😀

At the end of the meeting, we had a Promise ceremony for three of our new girls, which was lovely as always. It was also great to see how keen the girls were to be part of the ceremony – we had girls jostling to be chosen for the colour party, and desperate to be given specific setting up roles.

Also good news – one of the newbies we’ve had visiting for a few weeks will be bringing forms next week, and has ordered uniform, and another visitor came along (she’s visited a couple of times over the last year or so), and took forms… we shall see!

Later, I was on “Rangers duty” – and had a lovely time! This was week one for Rangers (they only meet fortnightly), so had no program so far. I suggested via email that half the meeting be “candle cooking”, and half planning. This was agreed to… but I decided to go a bit elaborate, and give them a bit of a challenge!

So after a bit of a wander about the supermarket, I gathered a bunch of ingredients that they could (in theory!) carry when camping or hiking or something. So I purchased powdered eggs, canned capsicum, canned mushrooms, cheddar cheese (the type that doesn’t need refrigeration), flour, sugar, long life milk… and some mini marshmallows!

I also provided little tin pans (like tart cases), matches, candles, skewers, and some equipment (bowls, a knife, a chopping board).

The Rangers were instructed to find all the items on the list… which I had helpfully hidden around the grounds, and then using only the stuff provided, cook mini omelettes, mini pancakes, and toast mini marshmallows!

It all took much longer than expected, but they had fun, so that’s the main point! Hardly any planning for the rest of the term happened (oh well), and not enough time to properly review one girls’ BP Award activities! Never mind, next time!



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