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Eye Promise To Do My Best

on February 21, 2013


Last nights’ theme was Thinking Day – but ended up being more about learning the Promise, than focusing on World Guiding!

Co-Leader 1 had developed an excellent activity, based broadly on one found online via a Canadian Guide website, using various pictures/symbols/materials to represent the parts of the Promise.

So stuck on the back of a wooden ruler each, we had:

A googly eye – “I”

A picture of a hand making the Promise sign – “Promise”

A Gold Star – “To do my Best”

A teeny mirror – “To be true to Myself”

A swirl of silvery glittery glue – “And develop my Beliefs”

A copy of the local government’s logo – “To serve my community”

A little Australian flag sticker – “And Australia”

And finally, a trefoil, followed by seven coloured sequins, to represent the seven laws – “And live by the Guide Law”.

It worked very well, and all the girls seemed quite pleased with their rulers – I think they will definitely serve as an aide memorie, especially for the girls who originally learned the old Promise!

Unfortunately, however, the activity turned out to be a little easier than expected… so we ended up with a bit of a gap in the program! NEVER FEAR, GUIDE LEADERS HERE! So we had a pretty spontaneous run around outside in pairs, trying to find the “best” version of certain colours – they had two minutes to find the best “orange” and the best “yellow”, then a minute to find the best red, then only 30 seconds for the best purple (they all ended up picking from the same petunia bush, poor petunia!), the best white (a piece of toilet paper won that round!) and then a final round of the best black!

With black we ended up with a rake, a piece of broken watering system pipe, a bit of black paper… and one group trying to haul back a wheelie bin! They were disqualified though for taking much longer than the allocated minute!

Anyway, it was a fun way to break up what was a pretty quiet night!

After this little interlude, we had a rehearsal and then a Promise ceremony for four of our newish girls, who joined us last term, and a renewal for two girls who’ve moved up into our Seniors group.

That many recitations of the Promise (even with the two renewals done together) a bit boring, but given they all like our formal ceremony, and given the four girls (two sets of sisters) turned up at pretty much the same time at Guides, we can’t really justify making any of them wait until a later date. Ah well, one, maximum two ceremonies a term isn’t too much of a burden – ten minutes of boredom isn’t so bad!

In other news, we’ve put out an “expression of interest” for a camp with Sister Unit in late term 2, which has already got four girls formally interested, and the email only went out two days ago! We worded up the kiddies about it tonight, so hopefully they all ran home to convince mum that they want to go on camp!

We also had 3 visitors tonight – two girls, sisters, are friends of one of our younger girls, and I think they’ll be back for a second try next week. The other one, however, was barely five (and TINY!), and I suspect might be a little young for the rest of the group, given our next youngest is already seven. I guess we’ll see. She had fun at any rate, and joined in everything, so you can’t ask for more than that!


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